About this Journal

University of Belgrade-Faculty of Agriculture publishes a scientific paper which has changed its title several times since 1948.

From 1948 to 1953 it was entitled ''Godišnjak Poljoprivrednog fakulteta'', and from 1953 to 1992 it was entitled ''Zbornik radova Poljoprivrednog fakulteta'' and published in the Serbian language, twice per year with the numbers UDC:63 and ISSN 0522-8530.

Starting from Vol. 37, No. 1, 1992 the journal was published in the English language entitled ''Review of Research Work at the Faculty of Agriculture''. The then form and the structure of the papers of the journal were kept as well as the issuing frequency. The numbers were UDC:63 and ISSN 0354-3498.

Since 12 February 1999 the journal has been published under the title: ''Journal of Agricultural Sciences'', starting from Vol. 44, No. 1, 1999, with numbers UDC:63 and ISSN 1450-8109 and e ISSN 2406-0968.

The journal is published in both electronic and printed form.

The abbreviation of the journal is:  J. Agric. Sci.