Analyzing of coffee quality with different methods

Institute of Food Technology and Biochemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Belgrade-Zemun (1,3,4,5)
Institute of Plant Protection and Food Products, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Belgrade-Zemun (6)
City Institution for Public Health Protection (GZZZ), Belgrade (2)


The results obtained by the analysis of the samples of coffee mostly consumed on our market showed that the coffee quality corresponds to the values as given in the Law of Health Food. It was not found that any of the parameters which determine food quality exceeded permitted values. Content of heavy metals and aflatoxines is below permitted values. The least content of caffeine was determined in a coffee sample roasted in the private roaster’s shop, and only in it the presence of coffee surrogates/substitutes was not proved. The obtained results of the coffee analysis showed that the coffees of most popular producers are very equal, and results of caffeine analysis are even more equal. This indicates the most probable fact that coffee is of the same origin, and that later, on during production, a different mixture was made, which affects the final product and gives aroma and taste to the liquid.

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