Comparative studies of some white wine cultivars in the sub-region of Belgrade and Niš

Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (1,3)
High School of Agriculture, Prokuplje (2)
Faculty of Physics, Belgrade (4)


In two wine-growing areas with different climatic characteristics 12 cultivars intended for the production of white wines were studied. The climatic characteristics include: mean annual air temperatures, mean vegetation air temperatures, heliothermal coefficient, hydrothermal coefficient and active temperatures sum from the moment of the growth of shoots to their full maturity for each studied cultivar. Elements of buds fruitfulness (6 features in total), yield, cluster mass, sugar quantity and grape quality were observed in both localities. In the vineyards of Grocka and Kutina high yielding varieties Ugni blanc and Dimyat can be grown with great success. Italian Riezling produced higher yields and better quality of unfermented grape juice in the vineyards of Grocka in comparison with the vineyards of Kutina. Pinot blanc in both localities was characterized by high yield, but the quality of unfermented grape juice was better in the vineyards of Grocka. Variety Rkaciteli produced high yield and good quality of unfermented grape juice in the experimental period in the vineyards of Kutina.

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