Drainage system maintenance problems in the melioration region of VDP 'Južni Banat'

Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (1,2)
Institute for Soil Science, Belgrade (3)


The aim of this paper is a case study of a melioration region, which will show the state of the channel network, as well as the scope of the implemented maintenance measures, which resulted in the reduced functionality of the drainage system. Melioration channels are in most cases in the function of drainage, and a minor number has a double function (drainage and irrigation). The dense network of channels, erected throughout the catchment area, is capable of receiving all the design surplus water. However, during the past decade, the channel network was not maintained to the required level, which caused the reduced functionality of the drainage system. The channels are invaded by annual and perennial plants, channel cross-sections are silted with mud, there are landslides of the slopes parts of water cross-sections are blocked, etc. These are the consequences of the inadequate maintenance of the drainage system and the accompanying structures.

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