Possibility of growing elecampane in conditions of non-watering field crop production

Institute ”Tamiš“, Pančevo (1,4)
Institute of Medicinal Plants Research “Dr Josif Pančić”, Belgrade (2)
Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (3)


Intensively researching different populations of elecampane, we are able to present the results of yield achieved during three years' microexperiments (2001, 2002, 2003) realized in non-watering field crop production. Comparing the results of yield, it was concluded that all five populations had higher yield, both fresh and dry elecampane root mass, compared to standard cultivars called "Domaća". The highest yield of 28,617 kg ha-1 of fresh, and 8,301 kg ha-1 of dry root had the population "NŠ", and it was more than standard. Considerable results were achieved by the population "SŽ" (77% higher yield of fresh mass, and 70% of dry mass), also the population "BM " (62% higher yield of fresh mass, and 84% of dry mass). The lowest yield had the population "SG" and standard cultivars "Domaća", mostly because of late planting in the second study year.

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