Effects of application of certain types of fertilizers on anise seed yield and quality

Medicinal Plants Research Institute “Dr Josif Pančić”, Belgrade (1)
Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (2)


The results of two-year research on the effect of application of certain types of fertilizers on yield and quality of anise seed are analyzed in this paper. Application of fertilizer has significantly influenced the yield, so in both study years (2004, 2005) the highest yield was achieved in fertilization variant with Baktofil 80 l/ha. Year as a factor (in this case probably higher precipitation in 2004 by 127 mm) has significantly influenced the yield of anise seed and in all fertilization variants (even in the variant without fertilization - control) seed yield was higher in 2004. The situation in regard to the quality of seed (GE, TG) wasn't the same like with the yield, since the quality in all variants was better in the second study year (2005) when yield was lower. The best quality of seed was realized in the second investigation year in variant of fertilization, using organic fertilizer (ecological manure) 10 t/ha.

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