Hydrophytometeorological indexes of Virginia type tobacco

University of Priština, Faculty of Agriculture, Kosovska Mitrovica, Zubin Potok (1,2,3,4,5)


The field trial of Virginia type tobacco (Hevesi-9) was set in irrigation conditions, in the vicinity of Brzi Brod village, Nišava River's valley, on the alluvium soil type. Water consumption for evapotranspiration, at the irrigated variant and the control one, was calculated for each month and the whole vegetation period, by making the balance between water consumption from the soil layer to 2m under the ground, total precipitation amount in the vegetation and water added by irrigation. Hydro-phyto-meteorological indexes of Virginia type tobacco were calculated in regard to air temperature, relative air humidity, air humidity deficiency, sunshine duration and global radiation. Among the six meteorological elements (the above mentioned five and wind speed) analyzed in the studied period, the highest level of correlation with tobacco ETP was shown by air temperature (r=0.88), so the use of hydro-phytotermic index could be recommended for calculation of potential evapotranspiration in irrigation practice.

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