Canal network effects on the water balance in southeastern Srem

Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (1)


This paper presents the results of research and analyzes of the effects of a drainage canal network on the water balance of southeastern Srem. The paper was derived from a doctoral thesis which contains a detailed study of key components of the water balance of southeastern Srem, including actual amounts of water removed via the drainage canal network. A linear multiple regression model was used to establish an analytical relationship between the amounts of evacuated water (a dependent variable) and four key parameters (total precipitation, total potential evapotranspiration, average stage of the Sava River, and average groundwater level - independent variables). This correlation allows for the forecasting of hydrologic events based on historic measured data and provides answers to some important questions regarding water management and soil conservation practices. The efficiency of the drainage canal network is closely linked with its maintenance. The paper shows that canal maintenance is inadequate, mainly due to financial issues. In some parts of the studied area, drainage canals have become virtual open sewers. For this reason, the future development of the drainage system must be part of comprehensive and integrated water management in southeastern Srem.

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