Biological and productive properties of the forms of grapevine cultivar Traminer in the subregion of Niš

University of Priština, Faculty of Agriculture, Lešak, Serbia (1,3,6)
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Agriculture,  Belgrade-Zemun, Serbia (2,5)
Collegeof Agriculture and Food technology, Prokuplje,Serbia (4)


Corresponding author:

Traminer is a well-known grapevine cultivar. It is thought to originate from Tramin, Italy, wherefrom it has been introduced to many European countries (France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany). Researches included two Traminer cultivar forms: White Traminer and Red Traminer. Examinations were carried out in a collection vineyard of the Viticulture and Wine Production Center of Niš. The collection vineyard was planted in 1995, with planting space of 3 x 1.2 m. Examinations took three years (2004-2006) and encompassed phenological observations, fertility, vegetative potential of a vine, resistance to Botrytis cinerea and wine quality. A detailed ampelographic description of two Traminer cultivar forms was also provided according to O.I.V. descriptors. The purpose of this paper is to determine growth, fertility, yield, and grape and wine quality of the examined Traminer cultivar forms in the viticultural subregion of Niš. According to the results obtained, the examined forms could be successfully grown in this region. Average grape yield varied depending on conditions of the particular year. White Traminer recorded higher yield, while Red Traminer recorded better quality. In addition, the best vines have been selected within the forms, and they will be used in further studies and multiplication.

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