A first report of a new chemotype of Thymus migricus (klokov&desj-shost) from East Azarbaijan province of Iran

East-Azarbaijan Research Center for Agriculture & Natural Resources Tabriz, Iran (1,2,3)


Corresponding author: a_razban_h@yahoo.com

In order to determine Thymus migricus volatile compounds, sampling from two regions of East Azerbaijan province located in Northwestern Iran was performed. After drying the samples at room temperature, the essential oils were taken by the hydrodistillation method for 2.5 hours. The essential oils were dehydrated over anhydrous sodium sulfate. Compositions of the oils were identified by GC and GC-MS analyses. The eleven and nine identified compounds from Mishoo and Espiran regions represent 94.62% and 86.08% total oil compositions, respectively. In Mishoo, the percentages of main compounds included linalool (65.57%), citronellol (15.63%) and geraniol (2.79%) and in Espiran, there were linalool (46.36%), geraniol (26.74%), and geranyl acetate (6.17%). The present chemotype of this species is reported for the first time in East Azarbaijan, Iran.

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