Influence of apple-celery cocktail on the level of hydration and endurance of athletes' organisms during their training

Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology, Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade (1,2)
Agricultural Corporation Belgrade, Belgrade (3,4)


Within this research, the effects of daily utilization of adequate quantity of re-hydration drink-apple and celery cocktail-on the endurance of welltrained athletes are determined. This drink contains up to 10% of carbohydrates (8.83%). The level of Ca is 130.52 mg/l, K-425.17 mg/l; Mg-25.15 mg/l; Na-48.16 mg/l and P-69.44 mg/l. In its energetic structure (quickly absorbable sugar up to 10%) as well as for its good contingency of potassium, this drink corresponds to the needs of the researched group of athletes; pH value of this drink is 2.93.

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