Influence of vegetation space and usage of artichoke plant on yield and quality of artichoke seed (Cynara scolimus L.)

Institute for Medicinal Plants Research “Dr Josif Pančić”, Belgrade (1)
Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, Belgrade-Zemun (2,3)


Rapid development of plantation-commercial production of medicinal plants demands certain quantities of adequate quality seed. Preliminary results for yield and quality of artichoke seed obtained from one-year and two-year crop plants with two variants of vegetation space sizes are presented. The 'Domestic large' variety was tested. The highest yield of seed was achieved in two-year artichoke plants grown in the variant of 70x50 cm row spacing. The lowest yield was achieved in one-year crop, at seeding distance of 70x30 cm. The highest germination energy and total germination as well as the highest value of seed weight were established for the seed deriving from two-year artichoke plants (70x50 cm spacing), and the poorest germination energy and total germination as well as the lowest weight were obtained in the case of seed deriving from one-year artichoke planted at the spacing of 70x30 cm. In both seeding variants of one-year crops (spacing: 70x50 cm and 70x 30 cm), low yield of poor quality seed was obtained, so it should be used in leaf production instead of seed production. Two-year artichoke plants with of 70x 30 cm spacing gave satisfactory yield of good quality seed.

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