Variability of major traits of marigold seed in respect of genotype and climatic conditions

Institute for Medicinal Plant Research “Dr Josif Pančić”, Belgrade (1)
Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (2)


The results of the two-year comparative research of qualitative and quantitative traits of marigold seed of different genotypes in regard to the standard cultivar were analyzed. The highest yield of seed in both study years was registered in genotype "King orange", and the lowest in genotype "R". Concerning the quality of seed, that is, germination energy and total germination, the best results were established for genotype "King orange" and the poorest for genotype "R" in both study years. The highest absolute mass was registered in domestic cultivar "Domestic orange". Climatic conditions had great influence on yield and quality of marigold seed. In the first study year, with 2.5 times higher water sediment during the vegetation period, seed yield in all genotypes was higher compared to the second study year. Also, absolute mass of seed of all genotypes was higher in the first study year. However, germination energy and total germination for all genotypes was better in the second year, when the sum of temperatures during the vegetation period was 3758°C compared to the first year when the sum of temperatures recorded was 3523°C.

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