Blagojević Srđan

Fluorine content in soils of Northern Pomoravlje

Department for Agrochemistry and Plant Physiology, Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (1,2,3)


Soil sampling was carried out in the Velika Morava river valley, covering the area from Velika Plana to the mouth of Morava to the Danube. The composite soil samples, representing alluvial soils (22 samples), cambisols (14) and smonitzas (4), were taken from plough layers, based on a regular square grid with intervals set at 5x5 km, covering total area of 100,000 ha. The total and available fluorine contents were determined in the soils samples.

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Content of fluorine in soils in the vicinity of aluminium plant in Podgorica

Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (1,2)
Agricultural Institute, Podgorica (3)


The purpose of this paper was to determine whether soils, located in the vicinity of the aluminium plant in Podgorica, are polluted with fluorine. For this purpose 60 soil samples (26 of brown and 34 of alluvial soil) were collected from two depths (0 to 20 and 20 to 40 cm). Total and available fluorine were determined by potentiometric method, after necessary preparations of soil samples for the analysis.

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Physiological status of 'Radler' type products as affected by environmental contamination following NATO air strikes on the regions of Serbia

Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (1,2,3,4)


Beer-based drinks, 'Radler' type products in particular, arouse interest for a number of reasons. These newly produced drinks were obtained by mixing beer and soft drinks and are intended for a larger number of target groups than their each single component. Also, they combine advantages of both components in physiological respect.

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