A review: natural and artificial radionuclides and radiation hazard parameters in the soil of mountain regions in Serbia

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Belgrade, Serbia (1,3,4)
University of Belgrade, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Department of Radiation Protection and Environmental Monitoring, Belgrade, Serbia (2)

Corresponding author:

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Technical-technological aspects of using machines and tools for new technologies in plant production

Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (1,2,3,4,5,6,7)


Agricultural production is complex process and it depends of various factors which can be controlled. Many of them can be improved by using of various means which are not friendly for environment and health of people. It is necessary to apply only those measures which can maintain and improve physical - mechanical, technological and microbiological properties of soil and also the nutritive potential of soil but will not be harmful for environment. The other part of this story demands decrease of energy necessary in the process of soil preparation.

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Fluorine content in soils of Northern Pomoravlje

Department for Agrochemistry and Plant Physiology, Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (1,2,3)


Soil sampling was carried out in the Velika Morava river valley, covering the area from Velika Plana to the mouth of Morava to the Danube. The composite soil samples, representing alluvial soils (22 samples), cambisols (14) and smonitzas (4), were taken from plough layers, based on a regular square grid with intervals set at 5x5 km, covering total area of 100,000 ha. The total and available fluorine contents were determined in the soils samples.

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Determination of uranium contents in the soils

Institute of Food Technology and Biochemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade-Zemun (1)
Institute of Occupational and Radiological Health “Dr Dragomir Krajović”, Belgrade (2,3)


The usage of depleted uranium munitions was only indirectly forbidden (by General convention which is against environmental pollution) up to its mass application in the last decade of XX century (Iraq, Bosnia, Yugoslavia). The United Nations are on the good way of putting the depleted uranium to the list of forbidden weapons.

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