Somogyi Sandor

Modelling of the operative control of plant cultivation

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Keszthely, Hungary (1,2)


In most farms the developments of the information systems or their elements are going on the basis of the demands of the accountancy and different reports to tax office and government. The demands of the operative managers are not taken into consideration on a suitable level. The recording of essential data on production, the making and feedback of essential reports the influence of operative decisions are insufficient because they rely on the knowledge, experience and memory of operative managers.

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Livestock production as economic potential by regions in Hungary

Faculty for Agricultural Sciences, Keszthely, Hungary (1)
Department of Economics, Iowa State University Ames. Iowa, USA (2)


Many factors impact the economic environment for livestock production. Feed costs account for the largest portion of total costs for most livestock and types of livestock production operations. Corn cost is typically the dominant item. Thus, access to low cost feed can provide production cost advantages. Transportation costs also impact the competitive position of the livestock production. The future livestock production will be impacted by many forces. The following are issues and directions the livestock industry will likely take in the future.

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