nitrogen matter distribution

The influence of applied heat treatments on whey protein denaturation

PKB IMLEK, Padinska Skela, Belgrade (1)
Department of Food Technology and Biochemistry, Faculty of Agriculture,Belgrade-Zemum (2,3,4)


Reconstituted skim milk with 8.01% DM was standardized with 3% skim milk powder and with 3% demineralized whey powder (DWP), respectively. Gained milk samples are named as 8%, 11% and 8%+3%DWP. All samples were heat treated at 85ºC/10 min, 90ºC/10 min and 95ºC/10 min, respectively. Untreated milk was used as control. Milk samples were coagulated by glucono-d-lactone (GDL) at the temperature of 45ºC until pH 4.60 was reached.

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